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The California YIMBY Victory Fund is a state Political Action Committee (PAC) that supports pro-housing candidates for elected office and pro-housing ballot initiatives in California.


The California YIMBY Victory Fund supports candidates, elected officials, and ballot measures that help us achieve our vision of abundant, secure, and affordable housing for all California residents.

Over the past 40 years, California has built new homes at less than half the rate needed to keep pace with population growth. Our failure to build sufficient housing is exacerbating poverty, accelerating environmental degradation, hindering economic opportunity, worsening racial and economic segregation, impeding economic growth, and making it hard for California’s businesses to recruit talent.

We believe that by accelerating the pace of home building, we can put California back on the path to broad-based economic prosperity, creating vibrant, livable communities, and ensuring that anyone may continue to seek opportunity in our great state.

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There are no contribution limits to the Victory Fund. The first $7,300 per individual donor will go into a general account that may support all political giving, including political candidates. Donated amounts above $7,300 will go into a restricted account that may support ballot initiatives and other PACs.

Per California state law, all donations to the Victory Fund are publicly disclosed.

If you prefer to donate via electronic fund transfer or paper check, please contact